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Bowyer Kit - Prelaminated (Yellowheart)

Our Yellowheart Bowyer Kit contains instructions, a laminated bamboo backed Yellowheart belly wood & riser stave, a hand twisted Flemish bowstring and string nock.
Reg. $130.00... Sale $115.00

Bowyer Kit - Prelaminated (Custom Woods)

Our Custom Bowyer kit contains instructions, a stave laminated with your choice of riser & belly woods, a hand twisted Flemish bowstring and string nock.
Reg. $140.00... Sale $125.00

Arrows - dozen
Port Orford Cedar, Matched Set, Spined @ 45# - 50# perfectly suited for our bamboo backed long bows. The same arrows we hunt* with, target practice with and use in our classes all over the USA!

Reg. $96 ... This month $85


Made from durable Cordura, fully adjustable. Whether you are protecting your bare arm or keeping your sleeve out of the way of the string, this is the armguard to rely on.. Shot after accurate shot! Black with Bohning logo.
Reg. $14 ... This month $12

Shooting Glove

Made by Vista with wear resistant leather and flexible reinforced finger tips, the Mega Slick Traditional Shooting Glove protects your fingers from your bow string during practice sessions. Enjoy hours of shooting without discomfort to your fingers.
Reg. $12 ... This month $10

Bowstring (Flemish)

We incorporate the proven Flemish method in every hand twisted bowstring we make. Because of its durability, we prefer Dacron B-50 as our string material of choice. Our 15 strand strings are served with .026 Diamondback polyester and can be twisted to fit 66"-72" long bows.
Reg. $15 ... This month $13

I am proud to announce my affiliation with the world's largest archery forum ArcheryTalk.com

ArcheryTalk has created Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum where I will answer bow building questions from all over the world!

Please consider this to be my personal invitation for you to post your bow building questions, stories and experiences in order to help others achieve their archery goals. 

Click here to watch my introductory interview.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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