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Long Bows with Power Tools DVD
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Long Bows with Power Tools DVD
Challenge your woodworking and power tool skills by building an authentic long bow for yourself or the archer in your life!


Master Bowyer Tom Turgeon's "Long Bows with Power Tools" DVD is tailor made with the power tool enthusiast in mind. Whether you have a full blown woodworking shop or only a few basic power tools, this instructional DVD will take you through the entire bow building process one educational step at a time. Enjoy a few hours combining two classic American hobbies- woodworking and archery- and create your own functional work of art!

Content Highlights include:

Power Tool Options
Profile Layout
Stave Construction
Working the Bamboo Backing
Shaping the Riser, Belly Wood and Limb Tips
Floor Tillering
Cutting the String Grooves (Nocks)
Tuning and Stringing the Stave
Bowstring Nocking Point Alignment
Shooting the Long Bow
and much more!

(Approx. 40 minutes)

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